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What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting
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When we create a blog or a website on the Internet, we must have two things. First of all, without both the first domain and the other web hosting, you can not create a website or blog on the Internet. You will know, if you do not know, then you must read this post.

It is very important for you to buy what domain is to be asked by domain, because why not send a correct domain provider Neena is very important as well as choosing the right web hosting.

Buying a web hosting is not a big deal. Everybody can buy it. You can get it in between 5-6 thousand but before buying your hosting, it is important to know about it because there are lots of different types of it. And to buy it, it is very important to go shopping because bloggers who do not know about hosting, they buy direct mehne hosting They think all web hosting is the same.

What is Web Hosting?

web hosting

On the Internet you need a place for your blog or website that we call web hosting in the language of the internet when we buy hosting on the internet, we get a space in the Internet where our blog or website Active, and whatever names we give to this place from which people visit our website or blog, we are called domain

Let us consider this with an example that the place where you need space or plots for living in the earth, your blog also needs a place on the Internet, which we call web hosting, all our posts, Photos, files, videos, etc. are saved and it remains 24 hours active so that our blog is always online and now the place that provides us is called Web Hosting Company.

How Many Types of Web Hosting Are.


How Many Types of Web Hosting Are

You have already heard about what web hosting is now. Now it is important to know how many types of web hosting this is, even if there is a lot of web hosting, for example: shared hosting, VPS virtual private server ( Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting, let us know about one by one.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting means sharing a hosting is a server in which lots of websites are shared together, and all these websites share this hosting with the difference that we live together with our friends in a room and its Shares are shared by shared hosting also works on this level,

which has a server where there are thousands of websites and every website has its own rental web host Ng gives the company benefits from bringing him to the hosting and Nukshan also let them take life.

Share Advantage of Web Hosting

  • The first advantage is that the hosting is very cheap
  • Is the best hosting for new bloggers


Stock web hosting disadvantage

  • If your website is Popular These then are hosting tends to slow down the speed that is the loading speed of your website

High traffic (High traffic) more traffic on can not handle because it is considered OK to the new Blogger is less traffic on why the new blog when you can change the shared hosting on whether then your blog or website Started coming.

(Virtual Private Server Hosting)


Virtual Private Server Hosting)

Virtual Private Server Hosting is also known as VPS hosting, in which all the rooms in a building are rooms which means rooms and if you live in that room then only you have the right in that room, no other person can live in it.

The same way VPS hosting is the same in which a server is distributed in different parts and in which part of your website or blog there is no other website can mean that this is your private server And do not need to share with.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • This hosting is very secure.

Gives good performance

  • Can handle more traffic from.


shared hostingVPS hosting

  • Shared hosting is a bit more


( Dedicated Web Hosting)

You have a complete server in this hosting, which you only have your right, for example, as you have purchased a new home in which you have the right, i.e. the complete building is yours, whatever house you are in, you can surf You will not be anyone else, the same level is one of your hosting servers, which will only have your website’s files, photos, and videos.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • The biggest advantage is that any hosting can handle the high traffic.
  • The hosting itself is much safer

Gives high performance

Dashing of Dedicated Web Hosting

This hosting is a lot more expensive


(Cloud Web Hosting)

This is considered to be the most confident, because it has a lot of servers at the same time, the cloud of the cloud, which gives the advantage that the website is less than the low down and the high traffic can be easily handled. is


Benefits of cloud hosting

There are fewer chances than the server is down

Handles high traffic easily

Cloud Hosting

The slogan is that the cloud does not give root access to the website

This hosting is also a bit expensive



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