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Airtel and jio user get surprise free data

Airtel and jio user get surprise free data
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Free Airtel is giving 10GB data for 10 days, the advantage of such free data!


Tech24s: Guys, if you are a customer of Bharti Airtel, today you can get 10GB high speed 4G data for free. Yes, Airtel is offering 10GB of internet data to its prepaid customers with a full validity of 10 days free of charge. So let us explain in detail how you can take advantage of this free data.

get 10 GB Airtel data free

get 10 GB Airtel data free
First of all, let us tell you that this free will get 10GB data, you will be able to use only 4G smartphones and Airtel 4G sim. This data will not be used in 3G or in 2G networks and phones. So make sure that you are using 4G phones and 4G sim. After this, give your missed call on 5999555 from your Airtel number on which sim you want to receive free data.

Immediately after the missed call you will receive a message like the picture below which will be written in Congratulation you have got 10GB data. And whose validity is the whole 10 days. You can use this 10GB data for up to 10 days. You can dial * 121 * 51 # to check data balance or you can easily see the balance in the My Airtel app.

Giving live, all 16GB of data free, in this way you also take advantage


Tech24s: Welcome friends in yours and today we will talk about Reliance Jio and tell you how you can get 16 GB of data in free, so let’s start.

Reliance Jiao does not have any good news every day for his user. Today we are getting you by Geo who will tell about the offer.

Let friends tell you, Geo started its free services all over the country in 2016. Therefore, in this happiness, Jiao is giving free data of 16 GB to his customers. For the most, if you have received these free data First you have to go to your own music. After going to My Geo App, you can go to My Plan and see whether this free data has been available for you.

Friends, this free 4G data from 16 GB can be accessed by you in my Geo app and you can turn on this pack. Under this free plan, you will get 2 GB data per day for 4 days. This pack will be provided to all Geo users before September 11. Let you know that Geo has so far made more than 215 million subscribers. This is what the company has told itself. You will find more information about this plan on my Geo app. You can go there and watch it.

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